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SELECTED Classic Tiddly Winks

Classic Tiddly Winks


$ 10.95

Flip into fun with a fad that began in the 1890's & quickly became a universal sensation.

It's so much fun and so well known, just mention the name Tiddly Winks, and everyone gets excited to play.

Don't remember how to play? Don't worry! There's a twenty-page handbook included. But for now, here's the gist:

A large disk, or "Squidger," exerts firm pressure. Add solid aim and a Wink takes flight, sails through the air, hits the scoring tray, (cheers, applause!), and you're vying for the Tiddly Winks title!

Score a wink and you get another turn. Launch it into the large pot for fifteen points. Land it in the small pot for twenty-five points.

But look out! If one of your winks gets covered up by another player's wink, you can't play that wink until it's uncovered!

Brilliant, colorful, and bursting with clever strategy, Tiddly Winks has always been right on target for bringing back memories and scoring big fun.

Tiddly Winks Tin
  • A classic game that is appreciated by all ages!
  • Encourages fine motor dexterity, focus, logic, strategy
  • Exciting and brilliant for kids and adults alike
  • Winks colored blue, red, green, and yellow - Transparent plastic
  • Features original classic design
  • Includes 36 vivid Winks, 6 shooters in 6 colors, scoring platform, tin container
  • Detailed 20-page handbook included
  • High quality materials for lasting performance
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Classic Tiddly Winks