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SELECTED Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap: Patchouli

Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap: Patchouli


$ 6.50

Patchouli Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap at Indigo Wild washes away funk and makes room for a better mood. You’ll feel like a true nature’s child in a sudsy cloud of this earthy, herbaceous scent. Let the creamy goat’s milk base and saponified coconut oil soothe your skin while the sweet and spicy aromatherapy of patchouli essential oils takes you to your happy place.

The simple, plant-packed ingredients of Zum Bar Patchouli Soap will awaken your inner flower child and connect you to a time when you could recognize all the ingredients on a label. Food-grade olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil combine with goat’s milk, herbs and essential oils for a heady patchouli bar that smells good enough to eat — but seriously, don’t.
Essential oils

Plant-based, simple ingredients

Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap: Patchouli